Mission Statement

“Developing innovative, compassionate and responsible citizens of the world.”

At the core of Leysin American School is a guiding set of principles and beliefs that set the highest standards for our efforts every day.

Students First

Recognizing our responsibility to prepare our students for university, careers and life, we have based our organization, programs and policies on fulfilling every student’s needs.

Teachers Are the Key

Our faculty plays a key role in creating a total education for our students—one that reaches beyond the classroom to include social, moral and emotional growth.

Leadership with Inspiration

As educators, we know that inspired students are motivated students. For that reason, faculty and administrators work to provide inspired leadership to every student at LAS.

Management with Purpose

Prudent and consistent management practices provide the framework through which our educational goals can be achieved.

Systems for Support

Supporting systems and programs collectively advance the mission and goals of the school.

Continuous Improvement

To promote an evolving environment of academic excellence and personal growth, LAS seeks to make the newest technologies and most innovative tools available for our students.